That Thing in Washington

by Justin Myles Holmes

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Got a thousand bullets fired from a 3d printed gun
I hope we realize what kind of people we’ve become

We whisper secret orders into ears of big machines
I hope before our orders we think through what it means

To have the kind of power that information brings
when computers are embedded in the fabric of our things

I wonder why we’re big enough to tower in the sky,
but small enough to give away our freedom when we fly

While I don’t like to think that I can hate anyone
I hate that thing in Washington and the reach of its gun

Twenty-two year old man with a story to tell
about the schoolbook version of the history of hell

He blew a whistle loud enough for everyone to hear
He made the hijincks of the government perfectly clear

I know we’re better than to leave this boy to rot in jail
So let’s free Bradley Manning with a shovel and a pail

I think I see a path of better thinking just ahead
if we can get our hearts and minds and bodies out of bed

If a little birdie tells a cop that he can search your car
the fourth amendment seems to say that now he’s gone too far

but if that little birdie is a dog with a degree
the courts will tell you that dog’s nose will help to set us free

The searches and the seizures are tyrannosaurus-rex
preying upon persons, papers, houses, and effects

I don’t consent to searches of any shape or form
but I’ll happily take my country back; thanks for keeping it warm


I have so much love for all the people that I know
and I want us all together to move past the status quo


released June 15, 2013




Justin Myles Holmes New Paltz, New York

I donate 100% of my proceeds to charity. Currently, the charity I'm supporting is the Django Software Foundation.

I'm an activist, programmer, musician, and teacher. I'm based in New Paltz, NY.

In 2009, I started slashRoot, a technology collective whose primary mission is "to cultivate the skill and discipline required for effective citizenship in the information age."
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