John Q. Contrib Dot Auth

by Justin Myles Holmes

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A little ditty about my favorite Django model.

All proceeds benefit the Django Software Foundation.


My name is John Q. Contrib dot Auth
That's my first name and my last
I may seem like I'm a relic
I'm from eight versions in the past

I have a integer for my primary key
and I'm glad that that's the case
But since you can't override it
I live in just one database

I have a method that I call to introduce myself
it's User.get_full_name()
It works real well for english speakers
for others it might be lame

I may have a few permissions
for me or for my groups
You may be able to read or write
But it won't play well with contrib.sites
and multi-group auth is full of shite
in contrib.auth.User

is_authenticated()'s not a attribute
but is_staff is my friend
I set it to True for wooden folks
who are six feet end-to-end

You can authenticate me by username
but not by email, please
If you stay under 30 characters
logging in is a breeze

My email field is limited too
To 75 characeters or less
if you're dealing with long addresses
your life is full of stress

Let me tell 'bout fun thing you can do
it you want more than you see
Point your settings to a profile model
with a One-to-one to me

Oh there ain't no syntatic sugar
No methods are listed in dir()
Oh I'm bound to look
in the post-save hook
to add the row
that makes it go
with contrib.auth.User

I'll see you all this coming fall
when we rewrite auth.User


released September 6, 2012
Lyrics by Justin Myles Holmes
Music parody of traditional Big Rock Candy Mountain




Justin Myles Holmes New Paltz, New York

I donate 100% of my proceeds to charity. Currently, the charity I'm supporting is the Django Software Foundation.

I'm an activist, programmer, musician, and teacher. I'm based in New Paltz, NY.

In 2009, I started slashRoot, a technology collective whose primary mission is "to cultivate the skill and discipline required for effective citizenship in the information age."
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